Are your emotions causing you pain? TFT can help!

Research has shown that stress can contribute to physical pain. 


Since the outbreak of COVID 19, have you noticed any of the below? 

- Frequent headaches

- Tense shoulders

- Neck pain

- Back ache

- Sore knees

- Increased asthma symptoms

- IBS flare-up

- Other niggles


These could be because of your new, temporary set-up to work from home. You may not have a proper office chair supporting your back. So, you might be resorting to hunching over the dining room table or having the laptop on your ironing board...

But have you ever thought that this pain could also stem from the stress you are currently going through - at least partially? After all, stress is a basket full of anxieties. 

This could be anything from:

- Fear of the unknown

- Fear of contracting coronavirus

- Worries about coping financially

- Being furloughed or furloughing your employees

- ... Add your own list of anxieties to it


Your old traumas may contribute or intensify your current emotional state, too! 


I am lucky enough to know what I can do to deal with my unwelcome emotions to get instant relief. 


I am qualified in Thought Field Therapy (TFT) and have been using this amazing tapping technique in my practice since 2004. I am also trained in massage and other physical treatments and stretching techniques. I’d be more than happy to share a few tricks with you virtually, so you can overcome this difficult period as best you can. 

Get in touch now for a complimentary discovery session!