About the treatment

RAPID NeuroFascial Reset – as the name suggests – delivers pain relief fast!

You could do it in a lunch break and stay fully dressed. RAPID NFR helps the active individual getting back to life fast! After all, you want to do what you like doing without having to worry about pain! 

RAPID is a movement-based therapy. We aim to address the deepest fascia of the periosteum (bone). We also often work on the aponeurosis, nerve sheaths, tendons, joint capsules and ligaments because we know now that those tissues are highly neurological, i.e. richer in sensory free nerve endings, loads more than when you massage muscle tissue. 

RAPID NFR can be uncomfortable to go through but the reward is pretty instant. During a treatment the practitioner will palpate and evaluate the soft tissue and then go after the pain. In the session we aim to stimulate the neuro-biological system. Pressing upstream or downstream of those really tender areas and asking the client to get involved by moving a body part in a specific way, something is shifting in the Central Nervous System and the Autonomic Nervous System. As a result, clients feel a reduction of pain and tension in the tissues and they are in a more relaxed state. 

Most people feel immediate relief. Depending on how long you’ve been struggling with your discomfort or restriction, it may take a few sessions to feel completely normal again, but you should definitely feel better after your first session! 

What kind of conditions will it help?

- Headaches/migraines

- Nerve impingement/trapped nerve

- Back/neck/shoulder pain

- Sciatica

- Frozen shoulder

- Traumatic injury like whiplash


- Tennis/Golfer's elbow

- Hip/knee pain

- Carpal tunnel syndrome

- Bursitis

- Arthritic joint pain

- Shin splints

- Plantar fasciitis

- Chronic Pain/ Restrictions in ROM (range of


- Neurological hypersensitivity

- and more

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