"I have experienced tension and aches in my neck, shoulders and upper arms for the past 2-3 years but after one hour of treatment with Elke the tension has almost completely vanished. Thank you Elke. Your technique is different to anything I’d tried before but it definitely works!" 
Rosalyn E.


"Elke is amazing. I had a painful back for ages and in one session the pain was gone – 2 weeks on – no pain – thank you for fixing me."
Liz S.


"I have visited Elke for treatment for a trapped nerve. So many options didn't work for me, but in just two sessions with Elke I have not had to have pain relief for over a month. Thank you Elke for helping me to live my life again."
Marie C.


"I'm delighted to recommend Elke. With over 10 years of chronic lower back pain Elke took less than an hour to give me so much respite I felt odd all afternoon - my all too familiar travelling companion of a dull-to-severe-ache had disappeared. Wonderful. I'm booked in for another treatment."
Ivan N.


"After 2 sessions my chronic back pain has disappeared. I feel much better now. Thank you!"
Federico B.

"I have been treated by Elke just the once and she was amazing. I had seen her demonstrations before and was really intrigued as I had suffered from Back pain for some time and she managed to help me after just one session. She also gave some great homework which has really helped. I would recommend her to anyone."
Timothy B.

"Thanks to Elke, I ran the London marathon last year injury-free and pain-free. Having taken up running less than a year before the big event, I began suffering from a niggle in my knee as I built up my distances, and ended up in a lot of pain after 16 miles of the Bury 20. I started seeing Elke, who identified it as a problem with my IT band. After several sessions, I was able to get back into my training and ran the marathon with absolutely no pain or niggles. I’m running the Edinburgh marathon this year and am counting on Elke to work her magic again! I can’t recommend her highly enough."
Kerry F.

"Having suffered from lower back pain and flexibility issues, I spoke to Elke about the Richard Rossiter System Workout. I was keen to address my lower back issues as I was becoming frustrated with my golfing performance and the need to protect my back in day to day life. Having met Elke, I was impressed with her knowledge and passion for what she does and how she applies proven techniques that have worked for me. As a result, I have achieved fabulous golfing results during 2014. I won the mixed match-play championship and was beaten finalist in the men’s competition. I am able to attribute my sporting success directly to the time invested with Elke and the implementation of the Rossiter System Workout. In addition, Elke has provided me with a number of exercises that I implement before I play golf. As a result, I do not suffer from lower back pain and do not need to worry about protecting my back from sudden movements. If you tolerate or suffer from lower back pain… I recommend you invest your time with Elke. I did and haven’t looked back since!"
Mark F.

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